Friday, December 4, 2020

Postbot Lottery postcard


A colourful mailboxes postcard from Portugal that made my day 😍

The new Postcrossing Forum held a "Postbot Lottery" for those who finished the basic "Postbot Tutorial" whereby winners would be sent World Postcard Day themed postcards. 

I was happy to be picked as one of the lucky winners and most relieved when the winning postcard reached my mailbox successfully. Our postal system suspended outbound international mail (except to Singapore) during this Covid-19 pandemic until further notice. As such, I was feeling quite uncertain whether incoming international mail would also be affected. Glad to be proven wrong but also wondering why the restriction is only one-way...

Cute Mickey Mouse stamp! 
I just found out that Mickey was "born" on 18 November 1928. 
So at the time I received this postcard, he was already 92 years old!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Wray House

Sender: Floridian
'C' is for 'Cottage' and 'Citrus'

The Wray House - Set in a Live Oak Hammock, this historical house was built in 1934. Owners Jane & Floyd Wray were pioneers in the citrus industry, planting 11,000 acres known as Flamingo Groves. The original 60 acre homestead is now Flamingo Gardens.

Cascade Mountains, Washington

Sender: Hootnoodle
'C' is for 'Cascade Mountains'!

The Peaceable Kingdom

Sender: Hootnoodle
'P' is for 'Peaceable'!

The Peaceable Kingdom (c.1846)
By Edward Hicks (1780-1849)

Airplane for Animals!

Sender: Sally Yeung
'A' is for 'Airplane' and 'Animals'!

I said "Meow". You said "Bow Wow"? Hahahahaha!!

New Orleans, French Quarter

Sender: Reggikko
'M' is for 'Mysterious'!

St Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo, French Quarter, New Orleans.

Snowball Fight with Santas!

Sender: Alienne
'X' is for 'X'mas card'!
Art by Gerd Bauer

Maybe the boy is taking revenge against the Santas for not giving him what he really wished for!