Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Wray House

Sender: Floridian
'C' is for 'Cottage' and 'Citrus'

The Wray House - Set in a Live Oak Hammock, this historical house was built in 1934. Owners Jane & Floyd Wray were pioneers in the citrus industry, planting 11,000 acres known as Flamingo Groves. The original 60 acre homestead is now Flamingo Gardens.

Cascade Mountains, Washington

Sender: Hootnoodle
'C' is for 'Cascade Mountains'!

The Peaceable Kingdom

Sender: Hootnoodle
'P' is for 'Peaceable'!

The Peaceable Kingdom (c.1846)
By Edward Hicks (1780-1849)

Airplane for Animals!

Sender: Sally Yeung
'A' is for 'Airplane' and 'Animals'!

I said "Meow". You said "Bow Wow"? Hahahahaha!!

New Orleans, French Quarter

Sender: Reggikko
'M' is for 'Mysterious'!

St Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo, French Quarter, New Orleans.

Snowball Fight with Santas!

Sender: Alienne
'X' is for 'X'mas card'!
Art by Gerd Bauer

Maybe the boy is taking revenge against the Santas for not giving him what he really wished for!

Wells Cathedral

Sender: Nordbaer
'X' is for...the 'X's' on the ceiling!

The vault of the nave, Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England

Mean People....

Sender: Parel
'M' is for 'Mean'
And mean people suck. Agree! So they should change to being nice, pronto!

Lesende 1994

Sender: Alienne
'C' is for 'Checking', a young lady checking the newspaper for the latest news.

Lesende by Gerard Richter, a German visual artist.


Sender: Monkeyflower
'C' is for 'Celebrate' and 'Champagne'!

Key West Tropical Drinks

Sender: Reggikko
'C' is for 'Colourful Cocktails'!

And there are recipes for Hasta La Vista Baby & Key West Margarita cocktails printed on the back of the card! Hmm...I am really tempted to try these colourful drinks but, hey, can anyone help make equivalent mocktails rather than cocktails for me?  ;-)

Beach Kids!

Sender: Parel
'C' is for 'Children'!
Reminds me of those childhood Ladybird reading books..

Christmas in 1912

Sender; Kluifje
'C' is for 'Christmas'!

A lady posing by a Christmas, 1912. Just imagine how long she had to keep that pose for the camera at that time. I would be wriggling in total impatience! Well, I guess ladies of those days were very much more ladylike and no wrigglings tolerated!

Mid Town Skyline & Hudson River

Sender: Daliz
'C' is for 'City' and 'Clouds'!

Mid Town Skyline & Hudson River, New York

A Pink Sunset

Sender: Crizle
'N' is for 'Nature'!

In a Public Garden

Sender: Purpleferret
'F' is for 'Fun' ~ in a public garden, Nova Scotia.
Tai Chi? Nope! Chess? Nope! Okay, that could be me in the background, lost in a book!

New York

Sender: Alienne
'N' is for 'New York'!
 A lenticular postcard of the New York skyline :-)

Notting Hill

Sender: Kamipaper
'N' is for 'Notting Hill'!

Which reminded me of that rom-com movie starring Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts...!