Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is.....

Sender: Raia

"Love is a many splendored thing,
It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring,
Love is nature's way of giving a reason to be living,
The golden crown that makes a man a king.
Lost on a high and windy hill,
In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood still,
When our fingers touch my silent heart has taught us how to sing,
Yes, true love's a many splendored thing."

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year (Inge Löök's grannies)

Sender: Sami

Inge Löök's grannies toasting each other, maybe celebrating the start of another new year. A fun granny friendship! I love them and I hope I will still have my BFFs with me when I'm a granny!! :)

A fitting poem:-

Friend of my youth, let us talk of old times; 
Of the long lost golden hours. 
When "Winter" meant only Christmas chimes, 
And "Summer" wreaths of flowers. 
Life has grown old, and cold, my friend, 
And the winter now, means death. 
And summer blossoms speak all too plain 
Of the dear, dead forms beneath.

But let us talk of the past to-night; 
And live it over again, 
We will put the long years out of sight, 
And dream we are young as then. 
But you must not look at me, my friend, 
And I must not look at you, 
Or the furrowed brows, and silvered locks, 
Will prove our dream untrue.

Let us sing of the summer, too sweet to last, 
And yet too sweet to die. 
Let us read tales, from the book of the past, 
And talk of the days gone by. 
We will turn our backs to the West, my friend, 
And forget we are growing old. 
The skies of the Present are dull, and gray, 
But the Past's are blue, and gold.

The sun has passed over the noontide line 
And is sinking down the West. 
And of friends we knew in days Lang Syne, 
Full half have gone to rest. 
And the few that are left on earth, my friend 
Are scattered far, and wide. 
But you and I will talk of the days 
Ere any roamed, or died.

Auburn ringlets, and hazel eyes 
Blue eyes and tresses of gold. 
Winds joy laden, and azure skies, 
Belong to those days of old. 
We will leave the Present's shores awhile 
And float on the Past's smooth sea. 
But I must not look at you, my friend, 
And you must not look at me.

(~Old Times by Ella Wheeler Wilcox~)

Fujian Earth Building

Sender: Melowalk
Fujian Earth Building, China

They are a type of rural dwelling in the mountainous areas in southeastern Fujian. The multi-storey earth buildings were erected with a mixture of earth, sand, lime, glutinous rice, bamboo and wood chips. Amazing sight!

Mandarin Ducks in the Snow

Sender: Gurugurumaki
"Mandarin Ducks in the Snow" by the Japanese painter, Ito Jakuchu (1716–1800)

Mei and Totoro

Sender: Magenta
"My Neighbour Totoro", a Studio Ghibli production.

Another of my favourite Studio Ghibli movie, "My Neighbour Totoro" tells the story of Satsuki and her little sister, Mei, and their encounter with Totoro, a forest spirit. This card shows Mei and Totoro.

A heartwarming story capturing the innocence and magic of watch it, if you haven't already.

The Caterpillar And Alice

Sender: Dogma7911
(I love this card, thanks to Dogma7911!)

The Caterpillar and Alice looked at each other for some time in silence: at last the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth, and addressed her in a languid, sleepy voice.

`Who are YOU?' said the Caterpillar.

This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, `I--I hardly know, sir, just at present-- at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.'

`What do you mean by that?' said the Caterpillar sternly. `Explain yourself!'

`I can't explain MYSELF, I'm afraid, sir' said Alice, `because I'm not myself, you see.'

`I don't see,' said the Caterpillar.

`I'm afraid I can't put it more clearly,' Alice replied very politely, `for I can't understand it myself to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing.'

Catching Snowflakes With Your Tongue

Sender: Le_vik
A painting by a Ukrainian artist, Evgenia Gapchinska
(An unknown artist to me, I'm so glad Le-vik introduced her work as I definitely love this card!)

"Winter is the king of showmen
Turning tree stumps into snow men
And houses into birthday cakes
And spreading sugar over lakes
Smooth and clean and frosty white
The world looks good enough to bite
That’s the season to be young
Catching snowflakes on your tongue
Snow is snowy when it’s snowing
I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going"
-Ogden Nash, Winter Morning Poem

Have you done this before? Catching snowflakes with your tongue?
From How to catch a snowflake in your mouth:-

1) Spot a nice sized snowflake and focus on it. Stay focused on one until it's in your mouth and you can go after another.
2) Open your mouth as wide as it can go, without dislocating your jaw.
3) Don't close your mouth. If you do you will probably end up losing your train of thought and besides, you know what's going to happen, the snowflake is going to melt in your mouth.
4) Then keep your tongue out and watch it melt!

Puss In Boots

Sender: Sixth Sense
"Puss In Boots" by Boris Dekhterev

Translated text on card:-
One miller after his death has left inheritance to his three sons:- A mill for the eldest, a donkey for the middle and a cat to the youngest. 
"Don't get sad, master. Give me a strong bag and order a pair of boots and you will see that you are not wronged by life like you think you are."

The Bogatyr

Sender: ri17
The Bogatyr
Mikhail Vrubel, 1865 - 1910
Decorative panel, Oil on canvas, 321.5 x 222 cm

"Bogatyr" - one of a group of heroes of the Russian folk epics known as "byliny". The duty of the bogatyrs was to protect the Russian land against foreign invaders, especially the Tatars.

This person reminds me of a character in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy!

Household Things

Sender: JetApple
Bread, Rake, Sewing basket, and...duster?? :)

Woman Reading

Sender: Lori
Woman Reading
Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Russian Wooden Windows

Sender: nvpsv
Russian wooden windows beautifully crafted.

Butterfly & Friend

Sender: Joanna
My youngest postcard sender to date, at 8 years old!

The World (Antique Map)

Sender: Bertil

The World
Antique Map, Mappe Monde, 1755, Jean-baptiste Nolin

Basilica Di Madona Delle Grazie

Sender: Biserka
Basilica Di Madona Delle Grazie, Rijeka - Trsat
(Basilica of the Mother of Grace)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Royalty (Netherlands)

Sender: Alvin
H.K.H. Princess Catharina-Amalia  
H.M. Koningin Beatrix

"Queen Beatrix" and "Queen Beatrice"
In an announcement broadcast on national media on 28 January 2013, H.M. Beatrix announced her intention to abdicate on 30 April 2013, when she will have been on the throne for exactly 33 years.

As you all know, in a few days I hope to celebrate my 75th birthday. I am thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to do so in good health,” . “At the end of this year we shall mark the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, an occasion that ushered in a new era in our history. The fact that these two special events coincide led me to decide to relinquish the throne this year.”

LA Ink

Sender: Lena
LA Ink
Believe it or not but we have this TV series aired here even if tattooing is not favoured (and a taboo) in some communities.


Sender: Tea
Sint-Michielsgestel, Netherlands

Palace of Culture and Science

Sender: Monika
Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

Padocks of Love

Sender: Monika

Padlocks of Love at the Tumski Bridge in Wroclaw, Poland. The keys for the padlocks are mostly thrown to the river. The padlocks are "a sign of eternal love".  :)

Cathedral of St Peter and St. Paul

Sender: Barbora
Cathedral of St Peter and St. Paul in the city of Brno, Czech Republic.