Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chinese Hodgepodge

Sender: Emillin
A hodgepodge of pepper, seafood, bamboo shoots and chilli.

Sounds delicious Emillin, but I've never been fond of bamboo shoots myself despite it featuring in local dishes here. I should learn to love it! 

Domstadt Köln

Sender: Mini
Domstadt Köln (Cathedral City?) on the banks of the Rhine.

A special Köln Postcrossing Meet-Up (16 March 2013) postcard signed by more than 20 persons! So happy to get this treasure!

Ferdinand Lured By Ariel

Sender: ColleteTaylor
"Ferdinand Lured By Ariel", 1849
by John Everett Millais (1829-1896)
From "Victorian Fairy Paintings"

I found out that this painting was based on Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" (which I last read as a young schoolgirl!). Interesting contrast between the supernatural and the natural in this painting. 


Sender: Telopea
Artist: Kaj Stenvall
Originalogy, 2004

In a Lucky Dip RR, I was lucky indeed to get this Kaj Stenvall card from Telopea!


Sender: RachelDing
Xiaoyoukeng, Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan

I read that the biggest attraction here is the sulfur pit of volcanic fumaroles and steam gushing out of the mountainside can probably be seen. Ooh, I'd like to see that!

Love Boat

Sender: Immorta
This is surely a love boat! <3 <3 <3

Amazingly beautiful stamps, if only my scanner does them justice :)

Tenaya Lake

Sender: Monkeyflower
Yosemite National Park

Text on card: Very few lakes are easily accessible in Yosemite National Park. Tenaya Lake is one of the easiest to reach (when Tonga Road is open, late May or early June through sometime in November) and is quite popular for picnicking, swimming, and canoeing.

What a superbly awesome view! 

Les Chats

Sender: Stephany
Les Chats (The Cats)

Yay! A Nouvelles Images card to add to my collection! And cats to boot! Love them!

Rose In A Glass

Sender: Wolfheart
A delicate painting of a rose. Looks easy to draw but I'm sure it is not really!

Savon Love

Sender: Petit Pilote
Is my translation correct? "Love soap, it smells good and gives ideas of love!"  
Cute Valentine's Day card!

Guess Who? Love you!!

Sender: Twinmummy
A loving couple playing guess who?!
A Valentine's Day postcard

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girl and Pet Cat

Sender: Elina_M
A little girl with her mischievous pet cat! I think it wants to write on the slate too! Or act as an eraser? :-D

The Little Elves

Sender: Ylarnja
Illustration from "The Little Elves Can't Sleep" by Daniela Drescher (Or "Little Fairy Can't Sleep")

I have received another card in this series earlier, and I really love the artwork! So happy to get this card so that I can add to my collection. 

Sometimes some cards I receive make me wish I can paint or draw for a living!!

Take her to Disney!

Sender: Emillin
Text on card: If you love her, take her to Disney!

This girl says yes!!

A Toy Deer

Sender: Green_kivi
'D' is for 'Deer'! A toy one!

Half Dome

Sender: Monkeyflower
Yosemite National Park

Text on Card: Half Dome, rising 4,800 feet above the valley floor, photographed from a forested area near Glacier Point. Cloud's Rest is in view just beyond Half Dome.  

This is a beautiful view!!

Altar of The Nation

Sender: Nika_9999

Altar of The Nation, Rome
Officially known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, built as a tribute to the first king of a united Italy, Victor Emmanuel II.

Ballet Girls

Sender: Ave
"Ballet Girls"

A Dandelion Dance!

Desk and Chair

Sender: Phuleshouse
'D' is for 'Desk'! A quirky card from Phuleshouse :-D

Virginia Sunset

Sender: Timoklas
Virginia Sunset

Text on card: The Peninsula and Tidewater areas of the state abound in unlimited "sea and sun" vistas, such as the one pictured here.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Sender: Trina49
"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" ca. 1858
John Anster Fitzgerald (1823-1906)
Victorian Fairy Paintings

Oh...are her dreams delightful or disturbing???

A Girl Drawing

Sender: Alessandra
A little girl, concentrating hard on her drawing.

Door to a Canal House

Sender: Willempie
Door to a canal house occupied by so-called squatters.
Willempie writes that the number of doorbells indicates the number of squatters in the house.

I read that squatting used to be legal for years until a new law banned the Amsterdam squats. 

Professor Chris O'Brien

Sender: Crizle
Professor Chris O'Brien, Australian Head and Neck Surgeon
(3 January 1952 – 4 June 2009)

Founder of the Sydney (Australia) Head and Neck Cancer Institute and active member of both societies, diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2007. He passed away after a battle against the cancer. 

Ludlow Doors

Sender: JC65

Text on card: This collection was originally commissioned by the Friends of Ludlow Assembly Rooms for the production of a poster. Proceeds from the sale of the poster and this postcard, raise funds for this worthwhile charity.