Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Building in Tomsk, Russia

Sender: nvpsv
Building architecture, Tomsk, Russia

Colour and Bubbles

Sender: nvpsv
Interesting art with colour and bubbles

She Flies With Her Own Wings

 Sender: Faithlouise

The state of Oregon's motto, "She Flies With Her Own Wings"
Reflecting Oregon’s tradition of independence and innovation.

Quote On Flowers

Sender: Gurugurumaki
A beautiful quote :)

Traditional Houses in Gifu

Sender: Gurugurumaki

Text on card: Village in northwestern Gifu Prefecture. It is known for its large farmhouses in the gashozukuri. World Heritage.

Gifu is a large, landlocked prefecture in the center of Honshu, Japan. It is known for many things including its traditional housing.

Pawing The Flowers

Sender: Gurugurumaki
A kitten pawing the pretty flowers...

All Things Music

Sender: Faithlouise
A Zazzle art card of all things music.

Mt. Hood, Reflected

Sender: Faithlouise
Oregon. Mt Hood reflected in Trillium Lake

Oregon has many lovely views, too many to count! And this one is just spectacular!

Abstract Art

Sender: Faithlouise
I love this swirl of my favourite colours :) 

Drive-In Theatre

Sender: Skyfall

Drive-In Theatre
7300 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis
Built 1940, photograph 1948

Arches National Park

Sender: Emotis

Text on Card: America's National Parks, Monuments & Memorials
Arches National Park
A portion of the land was set aside in 1929 as Arches National Monument, and then declared a national park in 1971. In Arches, the forces of nature have, over an immense span of time, created a wondrous landscape. Folds and warps lead to graceful spans arching against the sky, enormous rocks balanced on thin spires, standing rock fins, and cliff walls hundreds of feet high

This is an amazing view. I want to see it with my own eyes!

White Trees

Sender: Chiara64
White trees in a wintry landscape. So beautiful..

Buckle Design

Sender: Epollard
Calgary Stampede - Design of The Buckle

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

A Bird's Winter

Sender: nvpsv
Illustrated by Alena Kudryashava, 2011

Esbjörn at the Study Corner

 Sender: Lori

Carl Larsson ( Swedish, 1853 - 1919)
Esbjörn at the Study Corner, 1912

Prospect Point

Sender: Epollard
Niagara Falls
Text on card: Prospect Point is a favourite vantage for viewing the mighty cataracts.


Sender: nvpsv
Lia Selina "Kitty" 

Cute! I think Kitty wants more milk, hurry! :)

When The Children Have Gone To Bed

Sender: Lori
"When The Children Have Gone To Bed"
c. 1894 - 1897
Carl Larsson (Swedish, 1853 - 1919)

Carved Horse Pillars

Sender: Epollard
Mandapum, Showing Three of the Carved Horse pillars
by Samuel Bourne (English, 1834 -1912)

Vanity Fair, February 1915

Sender: Lori
Vanity Fair, February 1915
"Ready For Palm Beach" 

Trees in Winter

Sender: nvpsv

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jetoy Cat, Be My Friend

Sender: Boogie Pippin
A Jetoy card, yay!

And an extra card with a quote that I normally write on my school files back when I was a young schoolgirl! TQVM!!

Salome by Alphonse Mucha

Sender: Platan
"Salome" by Alphonse Mucha
Salome dancing her deadly dance with a filmy costume on...


Sender: Sini/Saint

Sammallahdenmäki is a Bronze age burial site in Lappi municipality and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site (1999). It consists of 33 stone cairns, dating mainly from the Bronze Age (1500-500 B.C.) 

The structures were built using granite boulders that were quarried from the cliff face below the crest of the ridge or collected from the site itself.


Sender: Rachel

Tickets for golf championship, transport and concert. 

Dire Straits foir Live Aid at Wembley Arena ? (rightmost) 
I once stayed for a year nearby Wembley Arena but never went to any events featured there. 
I prowled Wembley Market for bargains almost every weekend though!!! :D