Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chapel On Lake Hegratsrieder

Sender: Chapel on Lake Hegratsrieder in the Allgau, Germany

Nelson Bay

Sender: Becks
Nelson Bay, Port Stephens

Harpers Ferry

Sender: Alabama_ranger
View from Maryland Heights
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Over 1400 feet high, Maryland Heights affords a spectacular view of Harpers Ferry. The town is situated at the north end of the Shenandoah Valley where the Shenandoah River (left) empties into the Potomac River (right). It is here that the three states of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia meet.

Ship Mill

Sender: Chiara64
Ship Mill on the Weser in Minden, Westphalia, Germany

Moods Of Port Stephens

Sender: Becks
Shoal Bay
Moods of Port Stephens
Awesome card!!

A Woman Reading

Sender: Poppycocteau
Claude Monet (1840-1926), "A Woman Reading"

Here's an adventure! what awaits
Beyond these closed, mysterious gates?
Whom shall I meet, where shall I go?
Beyond the lovely land I know?
Above the sky, across the sea?
What shall I learn and feel and be?
Open, strange doors, to good or ill!
I hold my breath a moment still!
Before the magic of your look.
What shall you do to me, O Book?

Maria Ricotti

Sender: Orphalia
Kees Van Dongen (1877-1968)
Portrait de Maria Ricotti, 1921
Renowned for his sensuous curved lines and sometimes garish paintings of women.

Woman Reading By A Window

Sender: MichelleW
"Woman Reading By A Window"
David Alison (Scottish, 1882-1955)

Curled in a corner where I can hide
With a book I can journey far and wide


Sender: Jschwab
Scott Howden
Contemporary fantasy artist

Young Woman With Flower Basket

Sender: Fornarin4
Charles Chaplin (French, 1825-1911)
"Young Woman With Flower Basket"

Jeune Fille En Vert

Sender: Sylvian
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980)
Jeune fille en vert 1930
(Young girl in green)

A Fascinating Bloom

Sender: Orphalia
A Fascinating Bloom

Beautiful artwork by Soa Lee, designed to appear in an advertisement for Legend Footwear.

Girl With Sunflowers

Sender: Goyesca

Diego Rivera, 1886-1957
"Girl With Sunflowers". 1941


Sender: Mijo1981
U is for 'Unzipped'!
The duckling has obviously gotten into an unfamiliar situation. Where is its mother, quick?!! Or quack??!!

A RAS card from Mijo1981. But somehow, the kitten seems to peek curiously at the quirky duckling card above!

Giant Sequoias

Sender: Jassy-50

Bachelor And Three Graces. Yosemite National Park, California

This interesting group of Giant Sequoia trees is located in Yosemite's Mariposa Grove. The Grove contains about 500 mature Giant Sequoia trees spread over 250 acres. The Giant Sequoias are the largest living things on earth and some in this Grove weigh over two million pounds.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Sender: Duplevista
HRH Queen Elizabeth II
(Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926)

Quote: "The events that I have attended to mark my Diamond Jubilee have been a humbling experience. It has touched me deeply to see so many thousands of families, neighbours and friends, celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere."

Old Utrecht

Sender: Marja40
An artistic impression of a streetview in old Utrecht. I love old arched bridges <3


Sender: Nekorin
U is for 'Urinal'
Techiman, Ghana, 2006

This brilliant postcard made me laugh out loud! Yes, "Urinal" means toilet but we don't use that term for the general public in my country. Which term do you usually use to refer to the toilet?

The washroom, restroom, bathroom, lavatory, water closet, w.c.? 
The loo, the porcelain goddess, the crapper, the throne, the gents/the ladies or the john…?  

It pays to know the correct term when travelling and especially, the native language for it! :-)


Sender: Kamipaper
U is for 'Usagi' - Rabbit in Japanese