Monday, June 16, 2014

Moulin Rouge

Sender: Goyesca
Moulin Rouge, Paris. 

I only passed by this area during my stay in Paris. Basically me & my pals just gawked at the sights through the window of our slowly driven cab. 

It was too cold and rainy for us to venture out & walk along those streets, despite the cabbie's vehement pleas for us to do so & experience...err..something different & exciting behind the doors of the buildings. Alas, by that time we had already walked miles and miles at a religious historical attraction uphill and the cold had really really killed our excitement for any kind of nightlife. All we wanted to do by then was to return to our apartment for dinner & then hit the beds! The cabbie could not believe us! Haha!

A Fox Stalking!

Sender: Alienne
A bear with his close friend, a bird. Checkout the sly stalking fox.

Three Clowns

Sender: KDA
T is for THREE clowns!

Tree Spirit?

Sender: Elenadoby
T is for TREES!
This is a painting by Nastya Kamentsova. I love it! Is the girl a tree spirit or something? Try imagining a story behind the painting.

TV Tower of Vilnius

Sender: Myliu_Lietuva
T is for TV TOWER!

This is the TV Tower of Vilnius. Myliu_Lietuva writes that this tower is a symbol of their independence and that it is decorated like a X'mas tree during X'mas season.

Thawing Ice

Sender: Vsteers
A view of Lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Breathtaking!

Dog Team School

Sender: Purpleferret
T is for TEAM! Dog Team School, spring training.
Errr, I identify with the dog..because I too fall asleep during training! :-P

Please Tell Me What Time Is It?

Sender: Alienne
T is for TIME! it TEA-TIME?

Maiko Girls in Kyoto

Sender: Qhasami
Text on card: Lovely Maiko Girls in Kyoto

Vintage Tugboats

Sender: Hootnoodle
T is for TUGBOATS!

Text on card: Vintage tugboats fill the harbour at Percival Landing in Olympia, Washington prior to the annual Harbour Days tugboats races and waterfront fair. Harbour Days is a true celebration of South Puget Sound maritime heritage.

Stuffed Toys

Sender: Reggikko

T is for TOYS!
"Stuffed Toys" 1996-2002 Oil on canvas - by Wayne Thiebaud

Tram, Melbourne

Sender: Crizle
T is for TRAM and TRAIN Station!

Field of Poppies

Sender: Alienne

'P' is for a big field of POPPIES! Alienne writes that this view can be seen in some parts of Germany in the summer. I long to go visit Germany one day, for this kind of view, for the historical buildings, the full works!