Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glittering Flower Fairies

Sender: Petra
This Flower Fairies card is so pretty, and glittery but alas, my scanner fails to do it justice.

Landscapes of Belarus

Sender: Diona
Landscapes of Belarus. Berezovsky District, Brest Region.

Haute Coiffure

Sender: Cherie
"Haute Coiffure"

Cherie wanted me to have a laugh...and I did! Brave women!

Washington Cats

Sender: Peg
Washington Cats - Lynx, Mountain Lion, Bobcat


Sender: Gills
Mietvilla 1906
Architect: Ferdinand Meissner

Platamon Castle

Sender: Christina

Platamon Castle, Greece
The castle is at the location of the ancient city of Heraclia.